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workshop for alternative processes, products, application and learning

HEAT :  The unused, overlooked, free source at your hand

Most people mistakenly think that any heat insulation, new heaters, ventilators, air-conditioners will prevent waste of money and heat. Not enough.

In most cases, further 30-70% of the energy bill can still be spared by operating up-to-date means.

Offering a pioneering technology in thermal insulation, storage and reuse, NAVICO is looking for partners to invest in manufacturing and further extension of the development.

Interested? Take part in the production, further technological or marketing development or subscribe to news here.

NET working to combat climate change

Most of us expects others to stop climate change. With good reason: we do not know the inventions that would bring the change. We do not even look for them, instead, while buying or investing, we follow legacy patterns that we are used to:  spoil our environment, lose our health and money.

Climate conscious life and entrepreneurship needs different thinking. 

We can switch on, just as we could understand the changes that the pandemic brought up, couldn't we? However, regarding this switch, we are left alone. It is high time we cooperate and support each other to find and help spreading the new life style and technologies.

We are preparing a pilot project, where supporting various roles and needs would be identified  in a complex manner so as to set up a system as sustainable as possible. The pilot would lean on grants and require consortium partners.

 Interested? To define your needs and roles or for partnering in the pilot project, kindly contact us.

 NAVICO, a private limited liability company since 1991. Managing Director: Mr. Sandor Toth    Email:  VAT#:HU10672101       Registered at 1124 Budapest, Mártonhegyi út 49., under #01-09-161779 by the Company Registry of the Metropolitan General Court.      Domain: (workshop for alternative power, processes, applications and learning)                
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