Bespoke design and process solution

Discovering and exploiting your hidden opportunities

In the industrial processing workshop or the office, the computing room, the whole building.

Most managers can not even imagine how much kinetic energy, heat and money they let flow away in vain. Not just because outdated insulation.

The running costs of legacy, friction based mechanical, heating and cooling equipment may be cut half and the environment be saved in one -- thanks to state-of-arts solutions introduced in manufacturing and maintenance processes.

Contact us, let's conceive and introduce the change based on your existing technology. 

 NAVICO, a private limited liability company since 1991. Managing Director: Mr. Sandor Toth    Email:  VAT#:HU10672101       Registered at 1124 Budapest, Mártonhegyi út 49., under #01-09-161779 by the Company Registry of the Metropolitan General Court.      Domain: (workshop for alternative power, processes, applications and learning)                
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