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Helping individuals and businesses to an effective and sustainable environment via innovative products, tailor made design and networking.

Mankind is on the brink of burning itself on the fire of the fossils that nature amassed for millions of years. The heat hidden in coal, oil and gas for long is now released at an increasing pace, new hot temperature records come up year by year.  Most shockingly, we even pay in order to release heat, more than necessary for our well being. This way we turn our climate unstable and hostile.

In contrast with our car that we reuse day by day, we pay for heating / cooling day by day without reusing the released heat.

We use equipment that was energy saver design one day, but it has just got a facelift and a green image in marketing, no more.   

The good news is that there are alternative solutions to replace fossils with equal or better service. The good news is that we have and further develop means, that hold back the unnecessary heat released and save the unnecessary spending. All in one.  

We develop and promote these alternatives for the industry and the household alike.


 NAVICO, a private limited liability company since 1991. Managing Director: Mr. Sandor Toth    Email:  VAT#:HU10672101       Registered at 1124 Budapest, Mártonhegyi út 49., under #01-09-161779 by the Company Registry of the Metropolitan General Court.      Domain: (workshop for alternative power, processes, applications and learning)                
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